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From Big Brands to Slicing Sasquatch: My Journey to Creating a Unique Snowboard Brand.

As an avid recreational snowboarder and having owned a few of the “big brand name” snowboards, I was eager to create my own exclusive brand for other enthusiastic powder-hounds like myself.

On a few occasions whilst on my international travels, I would come across the same brand and design of snowboard as mine, and i felt a longing to have my own company. Having had a fascination with Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Yowie, I decided to make this elusive creature the basis of my branding.
Carving Out a Nich

How a Passion for Sasquatch
Led to a One-of-a-Kind
Snowboard Company

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Let’s face it, a snowboard is an extension and a reflection of your personality, and you want be an individual. Yes, there are larger corporations churning out designs in bulk to the snowboarding community, but if you are here right now and reading this you are somewhat like me and want to have that special ‘plank of wood’ strapped to your boots, or tucked under your arm while climbing an isolated mountain for those glorious untouched powder runs. 

Or when you are waiting patiently in the line up at the chairlift, gondola (or the T-Bar – shriek) or your with buddies heading to the mountain-side café for a bite to eat and a beer, other boarders will see the design of these boards and may ask you about it. And you can tell then how some “kooky” Australian guy designed and created his own snowboard brand.

And that is how the brand “Slicing Sasquatch” came to fruition. I hope you will find these snowboards and apparel entertaining and put them to good use as you enjoy your passion.

Slicing Through the Competition:

The Story Behind Slicing Sasquatch Snowboards

If you have purchased any of these products, please support the brand by uploading pictures of you with your equipment on the mountain (or wherever) and tagging us in on Instagram. Thank you.

I also have a Youtube channel (see icon link on the home page) where i will be uploading some videos of upcoming products, and any new updates that occur. On this platform i will also be utilising it to display my contribution to humanity by making donations to charities, and worthy businesses that support those in need (both human and animal related). So if you happen to watch any of my videos, all i ask is that you take a few seconds of your time to subscribe to my channel, and like the videos knowing that you will be assisting those less fortunate in life through me. I will also be uploading evidence of my donations and hope they can increase in monetary value as my company and channel grows.

I can also ship these snowboards to overseas destinations if anyone would like to purchase one. Shipping costs will be organised on a case by case basis depending on the location. And remember for some countries with a stronger exchange rate, it’s a viable option for you:)

Remember to ride safe, respect others, give thanks for every day, and to the ‘GODS” for the fantastic privilege we call snow!’