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Slicing Sasquatch Snowboards

Welcome to Slicing Sasquatch Snowboards! As a passionate snowboarder inspired by Sasquatch and other elusive creatures, I created this brand for fellow powder-hounds seeking unique and personal gear. Our snowboards reflect individuality and adventure, perfect for those who crave uniqueness on the slopes. Join us in carving your own path and embracing every moment on the snow. Ride safe and respect others!

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Ride Your Own Path: The Inspiration and Mission of Slicing Sasquatch Snowboards

As an avid recreational snowboarder and having owned a few of the “big brand name” snowboards, I was eager to create my own exclusive brand for other enthusiastic powder-hounds like myself.

On a few occasions whilst on my international travels, I would come across the same brand and design of snowboard as mine, and i felt a longing to have my own company. Having had a fascination with Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Yowie, I decided to make this elusive creature the basis of my branding.

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With every snowboard purchased you get your choice of a seamless facemask, a free beanie, and a 100mm diameter glossy sticker.